Saturday, December 20, 2008


So, we moved up to Utah the middle of November and there was no sign of snow, except on the tip tops of the mountains. I was wondering where it was. Well, it has come! In the last week or so it has snowed atleast 3 times, and more is on the way. Keegan LOVES it! The first real snow he went outside and played outside for atleast an hour. Daddy played a little bit and they decided to lure me outside and threw snowballs at me. It was a little bit funny, but a little bit not because one hit me in the head. Anyway, we are having a great time, and hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season.


erin said...

how fun! It would be fun to have a white christmas but instead were getting a wet christmas but at least it is cold. YOur family looks darling as ever. Glad you are enjoying it up there.

Anonymous said...

Topher says to tell you, "We love you and miss you and hope you love us too. Hopefully they'll put it in their computer and send it back to us." ha ha!! Anyway, looks like so much fun! We had a few days of snow here and that was enough for me! Hopefully we'll talk this week!!

Amber said...

It's me, Amber! Remember? From Dos and McGrath's? I am SOOOOO happy I found you! Your kids are darling! Where are you in Utah now? I am in Oregon! I have a blog too, we should keep in touch!